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Strategy and Tactics Workshops
Red Helmet Training can provide courses ranging from just a few hours to multiple days. We can tailor the class to meet your needs and price.
Below is a list of basic training packages available.
Table Top Command
This program first looks at the SLAB (Safety Profile, Life Profile, Air Track and Building) and utilizes the information to come up with the Strategy. More importantly whether the fire is offensive or defensive based on this situational awareness.             

The program then looks at how to develop tasks and tactics for this strategy using the division of labor. The tactics are assigned based on SAVERS. 
Search / Rescue 
Extension / Exposures
Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC)

This interactive course utilizes digital simulation and dash cam videos to enhance the rapid decision making process and puts you at the incident command post. 

Visit the SLAB SAVERS website at
First Due
The first due program focuses on the size up process and how to give accurate and timely condition reports using the U BELOW ME method. The course uses dash cam videos to put you in the seat to learn to make quick decisions and gain that command presence.

Santa Ana College Fire Officer Program
 Fire Command 1A Course
Disaster Management Systems Inc. has partnered up with Red Helmet Training. Red Helmet Training is the new Authorized Training Company in California as well as a distributor of DMS Products. Online ordering available soon. 
Order DMS products through us and receive a discount and a training package at a reduced cost. Contact Us. 
The Table Top Command Workshop utilizes our famous table top simulators to create a variety of incidents. This workshop is usually 5 days but it can be modified to meet your needs.
Day #1 - Residential and Commercial Structure Fire Command Scenarios
Day #2 - Target Hazard Fires, Multiple Rescues and Mayday Simulations
Day #3 - Wildland Fire Incident Command using the Burn Table & Sand Table
Day #4 - Multi-Casualty Incident Response and Command Operations
Day #5 - Hazardous Materials Incident Command and Mitigation 
To see our upcoming specialty workshops
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