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S-131 Advanced Wildland Firefighter 
S-215 Structure Protection Wildland Urban Interface
S-231 Engine Boss Single Resource
S-330 Strike Team Leader
S-290 Wildland Fire Behavior
S-270 Basic Air Operations 
NWCG classes for Red Card Training
RT-130 Refresher
Wildland Table Top
NWCG Courses
Red Helmet Training can provide a variety of National Wildland Coordinating Group (NWCG) training classes. Many of these courses can be set up as shift or classroom type training. Many of these classes can also be designed with use of our Table Top Training Systems.

Crtification for these classes will be through the Office of the California State Fire Marshal, through State Fire Training. Your agency is responsibe for maintaing your red card.

Red Helmet Training can provide your department with your annual RT-130 Wildland Refresher Training or create a training package for you to present or have your members go through as a self paced class with an accompaning workbook. 

We produced the 2011, 2012 and 2013 year RT-130 Wildland Refresher Training for the
San Bernardino County Training Officers Association.

If you would like to order a copy of this CD with interactive videos, case studies and references,please contact us. 

See our RT-130 page.
​Many of our NWCG / CSFM wildland classes are enhanced using our Wildland Table Top Simulator.

It is designed to give the students a better understanding of the types of attack used on wildland fires and operating with the incident command system. It focuses on water conservation, direct vs. indirect attack, utilizing specialized resources and using advanced tactics in structure protection and firing techniques. 

See our Table Top page. 
NWCG Courses that we offer:
S-131 Wildland FF Type I
S-190 Wildland Fire Behavior
S-200 Initail Attack IC (Type 4)
S-215 Structure Protection (WUI)
S-231 Engine Boss (Single Res.)
S-234 Firing Procedures
S-270 Basic Air Operations
S-290 Intermediate Fire Behavior
S-300 Extended Attack IC
S-330 Strike Team Leader
S-339 Division / Group Supervisor
S-404 Safety Officer
Annual Wildland
Refresher Training
San Bernardino County
Fire Training Officers' Association
May 2011
Make Training Money for your Fire Department 
​Red Helmet Training has several options for hosting training classes at your fire department for reasonable prices. There are even a few options in which your fire department can host classes for free and even generate funds.

With training budgets continuing to be cut, there is even more of a need to host classes at your own facility.

Give me a call today and we can tell you how.

Jesse Quinalty
Red Helmet Training
Upcoming Classes 

Upcoming Classes