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RT-130 Annual Wildland Fire Refresher Training

The RT-130 Training CDs have over 3 GB of training material including powerpoints, hyperlinked videos and supporting documents. The Training CDs are only $5 plus shipping.

View an example of one of the training modules from our RT-130 programs. 
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2011 RT-130 Program

Required Modules               Optional Modules
Fire Season Outlook                      Panorama Fire
Structure Protection                       Fire Weather
Thermo Gel Task Force                 Fire Behavior
Fire Shelters                                  Little Venus Shelter Deployment
Everyone Goes Home                   Aircraft Identification and Use 
Entrapment Avoidance                  Chain Saws, Safety and Use
2012 RT-130 Program

Required Modules               Optional Modules
Wildland Fire Fatality Trends         Firefighter Math
Structure Protection                       Sand Table Exercises
Corral Fire Scenario                      Working with Inmate Crews
Fire Shelters                                  Hazard Trees
Taking Weather, Getting Fire        L-180 Human Factors
Reference Material                        History of Smokey Bear
2013 RT-130 Program

Required Modules               Optional Modules
Fire Season Review & Preview     Leadership Program
Structure Defense 2013                I CAN Size Up
Structure Defense Scenario          Dozer Capabilities and Safety
Fire Shelters                                  Probability of Ignition
Briefings                                        Aircraft Missions 
Radio Communications Update    S-133 Look Up, Down All Around