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Fire Chief Mike D. Mingee
Beginning his career in 1976 Chief Mingee worked his way through the ranks of the fire service by serving various Fire Departments in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Chief Mingee served as a Firefighter/Paramedic, Engine and Truck Company Captain, Department Training Officer, Fire Marshal, and Operations Chief. Since 2004, Chief Mingee has served as Chief of two Fire Districts. The first was in Western Washington State and the second is his current position as Chief of the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District in Santa Barbara County, California. In addition to his 34-years of professional firefighting experience, Chief Mingee has held a California Teaching credential since 1984. He is currently a staff instructor for the California State Fire Marshal, an allied faculty member of the Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center in Riverside, California and the Allan Hancock Fire technology program in Santa Maria, California. Chief Mingee has been a guest speaker at national events such as the NFPA World Expostion, California EMS Conference, Fire Tech Reno and Fire Rescue Las Vegas. In 2007, Chief Mingee was the keynote speaker at the Washington State Fire Commissioners Annual Conference where he delivered an address on the consolidation of Fire Districts.

Noted for his experience and knowledge in leading organizational change and value-added customer service delivery, Chief Mingee brings a perspective of reinventing the fire service for the needs of today’s community. He believes that as fire losses decrease in most US cities, and public safety is competing for the dwindling tax dollar, the Fire Department must remain vital in the eyes of the public. Chief Mingee holds to the conviction that the fire service will cease to exist as we know it in the future. Today’s fire service leaders are in a vital position of keeping the long-held service tradition of the fire service while inspiring young men and women to live that tradition every day on the job. As the proverb says, “A tree only moves when there is wind.” There is no doubt that the wind is here. The fire service will need to be inspired by its noble tradition and embrace change to remain a vital component of the community fabric. 
If not, the Fire Department as we know it will go the way of the vinyl record album, the rotary phone and the analogue television.

Chief Mingee provides instruction and mentoring in:
Strategic and Community Master Planning
Mentoring new or aspiring Chief Officers
Interview preparation for Chief Officers
Ethics and Ethical Decision Making
Connecting the Fire Service to the Community through Value Added Service