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​Are you Ready for the Collar Brass - 
AM Session 8:30 to Noon
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Ready for the Collar Brass?
February 11, 2021
8:30 AM to Noon
The Tough Stuff - Discipline
February 11, 2021
1 PM to 4:30
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No position in the fire service is more crucial than the company officer. As the supervisor of the frontline direct service delivery team, no one is in a better position to affect the crew and the public in a positive way.
This course will help existing and future company officers make a successful transition to the company officer leadership role, both around the station and at the emergency scene. 
This fast-paced class covers many practical applications to include:
Increasing your leadership skills & abilities
Interpersonal relationships and understanding personality types
Working effectively as a team
Mentoring future leaders
Customer Service skills & firefighter empowerment
Situational Awareness & Risk Management
Developing effective fireground leadership and communications

Class Flyer
For a PDF Copy of the 
class flyer to distribute
​Dealing with the Tough Stuff - Discipline
PM Session - 1 to 4:30 PM
This Dealing with disciplinary problems is one of the toughest issues a company officer will face. We are programmed to be get along and function like family – so knowing how to correct bad behavior does not always come naturally. In this class we will discuss the meaning of discipline and how culture impacts our ability to discipline. We will discuss the difference between Property and Non-Property Right Discipline, as well as laws and rules affecting how we impart discipline; to include an employee’s constitutional right to due process. We will provide real-world examples and explain best practices when it comes to writing-up an employee and follow this with situational exercises. 

Kevin Ward has been the fire chief for the Layton City (UT) Fire Department since 2004. Prior to his appointment, Chief Ward served 24 years with the Chandler (AZ) Fire Department, retiring as a battalion chief. He has served as an officer for over 38 years of his career. While in Chandler, Ward served as a training officer, public information officer, hazardous materials team coordinator, wildland fire program coordinator, administrative battalion chief, and emergency medical services (EMS) division chief. Prior to his promotion to battalion chief, Ward spent 18 years as a captain/paramedic on both engine and ladder companies. Chief Ward has achieved qualifications through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group as an engine boss, strike team and task force leader, structure protection specialist, and Type 3 incident commander. He has been an instructor for the Utah Fire & Rescue Academy since 2006, specializing in command training and fire officer leadership. Chief Ward currently serves as Vice President of the Utah Fire Chiefs Association and chairs the Utah Fire Officer Designation Program.​
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Kevin Ward
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