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​Fire Service Mortar
The Critical Role of the Company Officer
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Fire Service Mortar
July 8, 2021
8:30 AM to Noon
High Rise / Protection Sys.
July 8, 2021
1 PM to 4:30
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This program is designed to be a no-nonsense approach to company officer 
 leadership. No theory here, just realistic and practical ways proven to build an 
 effective group of performers within your team. I will bring previous military 
 experience as well as experience in my current role to reinforce the importance 
 of unit cohesion and how to achieve it. We will talk about team building and 
 relationships, conflict management, accountability and more. This class is meant to 
 inspire action and produce results in your company and your department as a whole. 
 You will be given tools today to make immediate change tomorrow.
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​High Rise Operations and Fire Protection Systems
This class will cover high rise fire operations in detail, especially when it comes to designing and implementing an effective policy. We will cover specific company assignments and best practices that each should perform. There will be a focused discussion on engine company operations at these high-rise events. Hose deployments, standpipe systems, water supply, strategy/tactics, and more will be covered. In addition to the high rise conversation we will cover a wide variety of fire protection systems that you will see in the field. The operation and design of many fire protection systems will be part of this class. Sprinklers, smoke management, fire pumps, pump room components and more. This class is sure to increase your confidence in your departments approach to high rise fire operations and make you more comfortable when recognizing and operating various types of fire protection systems. 
Jarrod Sergi

Captain Jarrod Sergi
Jarrod Sergi is a Captain and a proud member of Norfolk Fire Rescue in Norfolk VA. He has served in one of the city’s busiest Engine Companies and has also served a tour in the Training Division as a Fire Academy Coordinator. He currently is assigned to a Ladder Company in the city’s 1st Battalion. Jarrod has been a part of, and assisted in the development of several department wide training programs that included both Engine and Ladder company operations and Fire Dynamics

Jarrod also serves as an adjunct State Instructor for both the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and the National Fire Academy focusing on MAYDAY and Strategy/Tactics. Prior to working for the City of Norfolk, Jarrod served 6 years in the United States Navy as a Damage Controlman (shipboard firefighter) and a Search and Rescue Swimmer. Jarrod is currently enrolled in the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science, is a contributor to Fire Engineering Magazine and he is the founder of Trial by Fire.