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Chief Officer
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Red Helmet Training Clients
Our instructors have taught at many local fire departments and at special events. Here is a list of some of our customers. 

Southern California Training Officers Association
​   Annual Entrapment Seminar 2006
   2011 Training Officers Symposium, Fresno
San Bernardino County Training Officers Association
   2011 Company Officers Academy
   2011 Captains Assessment Center Workshop
Santa Ana College - CSFM Fire Officer classes
Ontario Fire Department - S-234 Class
Rialto Fire Department - S-231 Engine Boss
Upland Fire Department
Cathedral City Fire Department
Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department
Big Bear Lake Fire Department
Twentynine Palms Fire Department
Morongo Valley Fire Department
San Pasqual Fire Department
Lake Havasu AZ Fire Department
Chino Valley Fire Protection District
Sierra Madre Fire Department
Mark Momberg, Captain - Upland Fire Department
"I have attended a number of career development workshops, including Fire Officer and Chief Officer training during my career. This training have proven invaluable in my effort to improve skills. I utilize the knowledge gained from their instruction in daily shift work and preparation for promotion."

"When I look back at the incident command components of the training in my opinion Jesse's instruction exceeds the training I received. Jesse's table top exercises combined with his classroom instruction receives high marks from students. 

The method of instruction Jesse delivers provides an environment that encourages student participation and learning through students feeling comfortable at getting in the "hot seat" with a minimum of the "fear of failure" threat. When you see the pictures of the table top exercises I think you will agree a generous amount of time and effort is evident.  

Red Helmet Training Customer Reviews