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Red Helmet Training (SoCal) 10601 Church Street #107, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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Blue Helmet 
White Helmet 
Chief Officer
Black Helmet Wildland Fire Training
Yellow Helmet Firefighter Prep.
Red Helmet 
Company Officer
Orange Helmet
Green Helmet 
Disaster Prep. Training
Rescue Helmet 
Tech. Rescue Training
Red Helmet Training teaches many of the California State Fire Training classes that your firefighters are looking for. Everything from rescue classes, incident command, fire officer classes, wildland fire classes through the National Wildland Coordinating Group or NWCG and hazardous materials courses through the California Specialized Training Institute or CSTI. These classes include Fire Command 1A, Fire Command 1B, Fire Investigation 1A, Fire Investigation 1B, Fire Management 1, Training Instructor 1A, Training Instructor 1B, ICS-200 Basic Incident Command System, ICS-300 Intermediate Incident Command System and more through State Fire Training. NWCG classes include S-131 advanced wildland firefighter type 1, S-190 Wildland Fire Behavior, S-231 Engine Boss, S-234 Firing Operations and S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior. CSTI hazardous materials courses include Haz-Mat FRO or Operational, Decontmination or FRO Decon and soon we will be teaching Hazardous Materials ASO Assistant Safety Officer, HAZMAT IC and specialist and technician level courses. 
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Playing to Learn, Learning to Play
At Red Helmet Training we understand that decisions on the fire ground are based upon our "Mental Slides" or Recognition Primed Decision Making.  We do this by utilizing dash cam and incident video, case studies, digital fire simulations and the heart of our program, the table top simulator. Come take a look!
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